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Organizing the chaos with effective systems

Anchored Consulting LLC is an organizational systems company that helps outsource and manage administrative tasks.  We help you build an organized system for your business or ministry that is equipped with the knowledge and fluid tools necessary to elevate your professional and business growth.  

Anchored Consulting LLC can provide guidance and pliable strategies on operating your business or ministry that is organized and functional. We can help organize the chaos by working with you to strategize and implement a comprehensive administrative system for your business or ministry.



Our company offers flexible virtual assistant packages to meet clients’ administrative needs and interests.


Provide your audience with an easier way to learn more about your offerings with our skilled, professional web design services.


Less paper, more digital! That’s what we offer as a creative design service from digital flyers, business cards, brochures, and more.


Organizational systems in any business or ministry is critical to function well.  With our solution-driven strategies, we can implement effective systems.

Our Clients Are



Solopreneurs are individuals who operate and perform all duties of their business, independently.

Small-Group Churches


Small-group churches are ministries consisting of fewer than one hundred parishioners.



Entrepreneurs are generally individuals who have an employee or two…or five!



Microchurches are ministries held in a non-traditional “worship” spaces like a home, conference room, storefront, or a coffee shop.  Our services are also extended to starter churches of fewer than twenty parishioners.

Ministry Leaders


Ministry leaders are considerably pastors, associate pastors, youth pastors, auxiliary/ministry leaders of Christian congregations.

Nonprofit Organizations


Nonprofit organizations receive very little annual revenue, only receiving charitable donations. Any hired staff are strictly volunteers with no pay.

Why Anchored?

Many of us know the purpose of an anchor, from a nautical aspect, is to prevent the ship from strong winds and currents in the deep sea when bad weather is present.  The anchor provides the security needed to keep the ship safely positioned.   Like a ship being held secured from strong winds and currents while out in sea, Anchored Consulting LLC is created to secure your business with fundamental strategies to prevent your business or ministry from sinking.

Client Experiences

Anchored Consulting LLC values the stories and relationships built with our clients. We are committed to building a client relationship that is meaningful and valued.  We look forward to providing you an exceptional experience!

Amanda, Crafter


I have known LaTiesha, as I call her (T) for over 20 years. I reached out to her to assist me with a booklet for a couples retreat I am having.  I told her my thoughts and ideas.  LaTiesha made it happen. I am so in love with the booklets.  She was very professional during the entire process. I will most definitely use her again.

Rabbi, Pastor & Author


I am so excited about my new website, that was created by Anchored Consulting LLC!   Working with LaTiesha to get this wonderful product has been one of the most pleasant customer service experiences that I have ever encountered.  A great product plus awesome customer service is what I received from this business.  I highly recommend her for your virtual assistance needs.

Dr. Yearby, Graduate School Professor


I have had the great pleasure of working very closely with Mrs. Jeffcoat over the last 3 years as she supports me through her role as a Teaching Assistant.  Her attention to detail and ability to provide thorough and insightful feedback has allowed my students to flourish.  She has a passion for helping people to succeed and her organizational skills create opportunities for great things to occur.  I absolutely love working with her and greatly appreciate her help so that I am able to better focus my attention on other areas.  I honestly can’t say enough nice things about her!  She is the best, and you’ll be so glad you used her services!

Pastor J


Working with Sunshine has been a breath of fresh air for our ministry!  Upon learning of the launch of her business, we were adamant about working with her.  She carries a level of integrity and grit that is unmatched.  Her attentiveness to our needs, ability to provide valuable insight and suggestions of things we’d never given thought to and professionalism are just a few of the wonderful attributes that speak to her character.  Even as a hardworking CEO, she remains humble and appreciative of the opportunity to serve her clients.  We are so happy with the website she designed for us, including our first mobile app! How exciting and progressive for our ministry.  Anchored Consulting LLC is the company for our ministry needs.

Recent VA Client


I must say, this has been the BEST first experience having a virtual assistant. As a new business owner, I was ALL OVER THE PLACE- Literally! Ms. Sunshine was recommended to me by a friend over dinner while discussing my frustrations on starting my business. There was no hassle contacting her and receiving top-tier customer service from the beginning. She is honest, down-to-earth, organized, and professional, and she has this virtual assistant service locked and loaded. Ms. Sunshine told me she would handle it all for me, and she did just that! Her prices are affordable and honestly, I would’ve paid more if she charged me more because she is just that good! I highly recommend this company to anyone.

 Anchored Consulting is a company I would recommend to anyone for websites and graphics. I learned of this company on Instagram and reached out. Meeting with Sunshine was better than I expected. She was prompt, professional, personable, and made me feel comfortable with asking questions about websites that I didn’t know. I really appreciate her being honest about what she could and could not do when it came to my requests. This was a huge win for me because I hate to pay for something and not get it. I am very happy with my website and cannot wait for it to launch in 2024!