Come on, tell the truth.  The moment you learn of a new business the first thing you’re going to do is Google their website, right?! Let Anchored Consulting LLC help you get noticed!

The benefits of having a website…

» Set yourself apart from the rest

» Your website serves as the “hub” to your business/ministry

» Allows the people to know who you are without relying on social media

» Provides an easier advantage for future growth

Anchored Consulting LLC now offers to set up, create, build, and design your customized website for your business or ministry!  Currently, we are only providing services on the WordPress CMS platform.  If you have a current domain that you would like to keep and/or transfer to a different hosting site, we can take care of that for you.  A professional website is essential to the aesthetic and representation of your organization.  Permit your social media pages to serve as your announcement board and engagement following.

Anchored Consulting LLC creates an original website that matches your personality, your brand’s image, and tone.  Though we are not marketing experts, we can help you go from blah to WOW!  Give your audience more convenience.


Domain Install & Setup

We help you create a domain that is professional, easy to spell, and best of all easy to remember!  We can upgrade you from a personal or to a suitable domain name such as (.com) or (.org).  Trust us, a polished domain name coupled with a professional website yields a more serious perception from your target audience.

Website Management

We offer monthly or routinely website management for each client so you can continue to focus on and grow your business.  For blog posts, we will also include this service by updating your blog posts for you.


An open eCommerce plugin used on the WordPress platform that allows a seller to sell products and merchandise.

Stripe & PayPal

With a WooCommerce add-on, we can help you set up a Stripe or PayPal account to receive payments for sellable products and merchandise.

Blog Post

Have a lot to say? Let us set up a functional WordPress blog for you!  Even better. We can regularly post your blog for you!

Landing Page

Landing pages can be a single website page for a single product or multiple products, organization information, etc.

Custom Web Design

⇒  Turnaround Time:  Varies

⇒  Express Turnaround Time:  6-8 weeks

⇒ Additional costs will apply for express service

Landing Page

⇒  Turnaround Time:  Varies


CRM integration

Video Clips

Domain transfer

Google reCAPTHA spam protection

Blog Posts

Map Locator (if applicable)

WooCommerce Setup

Professional Email Setup

Email Marketing (only offering Mailchimp)

Additional testimonials

Domain setup ** (Landing page add-on)

Creating website content

Add-on services not listed can be discussed

Custom Website Design

Hourly Investment:


Rates will vary by client

» Basic spam protection

» Domain setup (Google, only)**

» One custom web design prototype

» Ongoing consultations during the design process

» SG Optimizer Protection

» Three website pages, not including homepage

» Basic contact form (ex: Join waitlist)

» Four testimonials (if applicable)

» Seven images (based on the industry)

** The price does not include the purchase of domain

** A non-refundable deposit will be due before service


The client must provide all written content.

Personal images cannot be submitted as a screenshot or poorly edited. An additional fee will incur for extensive editing by Anchored Consulting LLC.

Images MUST be submitted in JPEG or PNG file format only.

Landing Page A

Hourly Investment:


Rates will vary by client

» One custom web design prototype

» Three complimentary consultations during the design process

» SG Optimizer Protection

» Logo (Provided by client)

» Three testimonials (if applicable)

» Five images (based on industry)

» Basic contact form

» Basic spam protection w/contact form

» Google domain purchase

Landing Page B

Hourly Investment:


Rates will vary by client

» One custom web design prototype

» Three complimentary consultations during the design process

» Logo (Provided by client)

» Three images (Provided by client)

» One testimonial

** A non-refundable deposit will be due before service